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Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad, PhD CMC

"Know Thyself"

Meet Dr. Ahmad

Practicing Healer, Counselor, and Life Advisor

Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad, Is a Poet, Educator, Activist and Visionary-Mystic with over 30 years experience serving clients using a multiple of modalities.)

Green House

Offered Services



My Life Studies

At My Life Studies, we specialize in helping individuals sort through these queries using a variety of tools that include but are not limited to:

  • Meditative inquiry,

  • astrological and numerological surveys,

  • Taro inquiries,

  • In-born Intuition


HeartPath Meditation

HeartPath Meditation is a meditation coaching service offered to individuals in search of life clarity and direction. Meditation in this case allows an individual to clearly hone in on their goals and heart-centered direction in an authentic and focused manner with results to follow.


Tapping Your
Creative Flow

 We have been offering unique writing workshops in the Triad and Triangle areas and beyond since 2010. What began in a cozy fireside setting in the home of Dr. Ahmad soon was complimented by workshops in a diverse set of settings such as church meeting rooms, library meeting rooms and conference venues to suggest a few. Workshops are now offered online.

Offered Services

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Dr. Ahmad creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility that eases into my being and allows me to renew myself. I recommend these sessions to anyone who seeks to discover the power within themselves to heal, grow, and experience a more authentic way of living. I look forward to these sessions.”

- G. Barnes

“I have found the meditations grounding. It also serves me throughout the week as well. I would recommend the meditation session to anyone seeking balance and clarity.”

- J.S.

“These meditation sessions have transformed my life in that I am more comfortable with myself in my own skin. I also like that I am generally calmer and feel more settled with myself.”

- S.S.

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