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Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad

Practicing Healer, Counselor, and Life Advisor

Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad Is a Poet, Educator, Activist and Visionary-Mystic with over 30 years experience serving clients as a practicing healer, counselor and life advisor using a multiple of
modalities. “Born into a family of seers and healers, I have been compelled to find my own path forward to this place. A survivor of abuse, domestic violence and rape, I have been tried by these experiences that in the end, have only served to make me stronger and able to know my own worth.”

As a child, she was the one who organized the neighborhood children into activities, she is the one who cared enough to create a world away from the greater world with which to surround these tender souls. “Little did I know that the career that I would choose would land me back in that caring space of helping to guide and to educate seekers after truth at the university level. I could not see how my path would take this shape beforehand. I have always been a curious person and remain so. This curiosity has been intuition led, just step by trusting step have I landed here, perfectly so I now know that what has happened for me is also open to countless others, and I am here to help.”

The result is that she is now on the part of her life map that compels her to offer her skills to fellow seekers who are after their own life answers, and now seek a guide. After all it is said: “what we give is what we receive in the end.”

“My current path direction is a heart-guided direction that I choose to honor through service to humanity (otherwise known as my calling). Every journey I have taken has brought me home to this
hard-won self-acceptance. For sure, it’s the way of the wounded healer to find one’s own path. I use the word “finding” loosely since, I’ve always lived with this awareness; it has been a matter of self-acceptance more than anything else.”

Often wiser than her years and for lifelong, people have gravitated toward her as a guide, even as a child, adults sought her counsel and guidance whether through a clear word or kind counsel.

“Accepting this (as well as with accepting who I was at my core)was the challenge.” As the saying goes, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Know for sure, your own truth (destiny/ who we
are meant to be) will find us.

As indicated by her astrological chart, she is serving humanity in the evening of her life as predicted by
her north node placed in the sign of Aquarius (The sign of ‘the Brotherhood of Man’ or ‘Service to Humanity.) “Although my “road” has run right through blindness, at some point, I still have retained the gift of “seeing through to the root.” Unless we can get at the root of a challenge, any change will be fleeting. Fulfilling our destiny is the way forward.  As your guide and working together, we will dedicate our efforts to accessing the tools that will allow you to actualize your best growth forward.”

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